Annual Sports Day Report – 28.03.2018

Annual Sports Day Report – 2018

On 28th March, fourth annual sports day was celebrated at Don Bosco College of Agriculture for the year 2018. The function started with a prayer song sung by students. The chief guests for the function were Mr. P.Prasanth Kumar B.E, MBA., Ambiga motors/ Ambiga retails, Vellore and Mr.V.S.Anish M.S(Soft.Eng.)., Sri Ambiga retails, Vellore.

The students were grouped into four houses, namely red, blue, yellow and green and students actively participated in the march past to honour the chief guests.

The Olympic torch was lightened by Rev.Fr.S.Anthonysamy, Principal SIARD, Sagayathottam. Chief guest Mr. P.Prasanth Kumar, declared sports meet open. Rev.Fr.Dr.Maria Soosai, Ph.D., Secretary DBCA delivered welcome address and honoured the dignitaries. The annual sports report was presented by Ms.S.Monisha, Students game Secretary.

After the felicitation by the Dean Dr.A.Christopher Lourduraj and other dignitaries, the chief guests delivered their chief guest address. The chief guest honoured the sports secretaries Mr.M.Arivin and Ms.S.Monisha by presenting them momentoes and distributed the prizes and medals along with certificates to the students who won the sports events conduced for the year 2018.

The house, Blue won the award of overall championship and the prizes distributed to the house captains Mr.S.Ragul and Ms. G.Shanmuga Priya. The individual overall championship winner among boys was Mr.M.K.Mathesh kumar of II B.Sc (Ag). Overall championship for girls (individual) was won by Ms. M. Soundarya, III B.Sc (Ag) student.

Finally, vote of thanks was given by Mr. C. Periyanayagasamy, B.A, M.P.Ed., Director of Physical education, DBCA and the programme concluded with National Anthem.

Muthamizh Vizha – 2018

Introduction :

MuthamizhVizha is celebrated to inculcate the importance of Tamil Language among the students and paying a tribute to its contributions to the culture and tradition of Tamil Nadu.

Aim of the function is to provide space to the students to think, enrich and express their talents in their native language. Fourth Muthamizh Vizha for the academic year 2017-2018 was celebrated on 17.04.2018. (Tuesday). The function was successfully organized by the Tamil Mandram.

Office bearer’s of Tamil Mandram :

Tamil Mandram secretaries of this college for the academic year 2017-2018 are Mr.T.Puthiyavan & Ms.K.Akila of final B.Sc (Ag) and Mr. K.Surya & Ms.M.Aishwarya of III B.Sc (Ag) are joint secretaries. Dr.R.Rajasekaran Asst.Professor (Agrl.Extension) is the coordinator of Tamil Mandram.

Inauguration :

The traditional way of greeting was given to the chief guests, staff and students. Students actively gave their presence on time with colorful traditional dhotis and sarees. The Auditorium was filled with Tamil fragrance and fourth Muthamizh Vizha started at 9.00 am with a prayer song given by Ms. J.Flavina, Student, II B.Sc (Agri). Next, the entire audience and guests on the stage sincerely sang ‘Tamil Thai Vazhthu in a standing position with chorus. The holy lamp was lightened by the chief guests, Rev. Fr. Mariya Soosai, Rector & Secretary and the student secretaries Mr.T.Puthiyavan & Ms.K.Akila. Then, a whole hearted welcome address was given by Ms.K.Akila, Student Secretary, Tamil mandram.

Felicitation :

Elders and teachers blessings are the motivating factors to the students. Felicitation address started with Rev. Fr. Mariya Soosai , Rector & Secretary, DBCA. He gave a motivating felicitation and he congratulated all the secretaries of Tamil Mandram for their excellent arrangement and efforts taken towards conduct of this function. He enlisted the historical glimpse of Tamil language.

Rev. Fr. Anthony samy, Secretary, SIARD, started his felicitation with a melody song and gained the audience round of applause. Further, he congratulated the secretaries of Tamil Mandram for their exceptional arrangement and splashed his hearty wishes to the students. Rev. Br. Arulappa, Administrator, Sagayathottam, gave his felicitation to the students and staff. He said ‘Language is an important tool for communication and also, it is associated with one’s culture & tradition

Dr. A. Christopher Lourduraj, Dean, DBCA gave a speech on Tamil language and its significance. Further, he mentioned the important quotes in Tamil. At the end, he appreciated the student secretaries, teaching & non teaching staff for being a part of the functions success.

Chief Guest introduction :

Rev.Fr. Mariya Soosai , Rector & Secretary, DBCA introduced the chief guests to the audience. Chief guests of the prestigious Muthamizh Vizha were Poet. Pon. Selvakumar, Professor & Head, Department of Tamil, Sacred Heart College, Thirupattur and Hiku poet. Solai Isaikuyil, Sacred Heart College, Thirupattur.

The chief guests Pon. Selvakumar and Hiku poet. Solai Isaikuyil were honoured by Dr.A.Christopher Lourduraj, Dean, DBCA and Rev. Fr.Maria Soosai Rector & Secretary, DBCA respectively with mementoes. Secretaries of Tamil mandram Mr.T. Puthiyavan & Ms.K. Akila and joint secretaries Mr.K.Surya & Ms.M.Aishwarya were also honoured by Chief guests with momentoes.

Chief Guest address :

The function highlighted by the chief guests address. Poet. Pon. Selvakumar, gave a spectacular and informative speech on the relationship of Tamil and Agriculture, Dimensions of Tamil Language and importance to safeguard Tamil language. Further, he spotted different social issues related to agriculture prevailing in the society and solutions to overcome the issues.

Hiku poet. Solai Isaikuyil, gave an interesting speech on “Hiku” and its origin, procedures and methods to write Hiku poems in detail. He explained the difference between poems and Hiku poems and also he enlisted different types of ‘Hiku’ poems and made the audience smiling and cheery.

The next session was Pattimandram( Debate) . The Judge of debate was one of our chief guests Poet. Pon. Selvakumar. The topic of the debate was“- வாழ்வில் மகிழ்ச்சியான தருணங்களை தருவது — பணமே !! பந்தமே !! The first & second groups were headed by Mr.A.Jason Arockiyam, II B.Sc (Ag) and Ms. S. Gopika, IV B.Sc (Ag) students respectively.

Group members of both teams actively participated and registered their views towards supporting their teams. It was a great pleasurable and informative session.

Cultural events :

Students enthusiastically participated in different cultural programmes viz., karagattam, Tamil Speech, Group song, Solo song, solo dance, Group dance,Pattikada pattanama etc They also performed traditional art forms of Tamil Nadu which includes Oyilattam, Bharatha nattiyam, Kolattam, Kummiyaattam, poikal kuthirai, Uriyadi thiruvizha and Silambaattam.

The function ended with a vote of thanks delivered byMr.T.Puthiyavan, student secretary, Tamil Mandram, DBCA.


18 students of II B.Sc. (Ag.) undertook the study tour Course No. AGR 204 Study tour (0+1) from 19.04.2018 to 25.04.2016. Dr.P.Puvila, the course teacher accompanied the students on the tour. The report is submitted below.

1 19.04.2018 Thursday Centre of Excellence in Millets-(Athiyanthangal) Thiruvannamalai 1. Dr. C.Sivagamy, Asst. Professor (Agronomy) explained about their station mandate and also the achievements of that station and cultivation aspects of major and minor millets, nutrients of millets and discussed about the main problem of millets production.

2. Mr.Kumaran, M.Sc. (Agronomy), Research Scholar showed different type machineries and explained working principles of mechanaries.

KVK, Tindivanam 1. Dr.C.Sangeetha, Asst. Professor (Extension) explained about the various activities of KVK, experiments conducted at field level, OFT, MLT and OFR and training conducted KVK Tindivanam.
Oil Seeds Research Station, Tindivanam 1. Dr.P.C.Prabhu, Farm Manager (Asst. Professor of Agronomy) explained various activities ORS, cultivation of oilseeds and especially groundnut and Caster latest released varieties and different types of experiments conducted at ORS, Tindivanam.
2 20.04.2018 Friday 1. Dr.M.Jayachandran, Professor and Head explained about the abiotic stress cultivation of sugarcane under major stress and physiological activities of sugarcane.
2. Dr. S.Ganapathy, Asst. Professor (Plant Breeding and Genetics) Sugarcane Research Station, Cuddalore explained about research activities of the station and varieties released from SRS Cuddalore, and breeding procedure of sugarcane crop.

1. Dr.S.Duraisamy, Professor (Entomology) explained about the stress tolerance management and protection of sugarcane from insect pests.

1. Dr. R.Anitha, Asst. Professor (Crop Physiology) explained about the stress and nutrient management in sugarcane cultivation.

KVK, Virudhachalam 1. Dr. K. Venkatalakshmi, Asst. Professor (Agronomy) at KVK, Virudhachalam explained about the various activities of KVK, experiments conducted at field level and organic vegetable production and terrace farming.
Regional Research Station, Virudhachalam Dr.R.Sheeba Jasmine, Asst. Professor (Entomology) at RRS, Virudhachalam explained about the general features and mandates, latest released varieties of Cashew, Groundnut and Sesame. Cashew multiplication through the soft wood grafting different types of planting methods and also discussed about major pest and disease of Cashew and Groundnut crops and their control measures
3 21.04.2018 Saturday TamilNadu Rice Research Institute (TRRI), Aaduthurai 1. Dr.R.Thilagavathi, Asst. Professor (Plant Pathology at TRRI, Aduthurai explained about major diseases of rice crop with control measures in Cauvery delta zone.

2. Dr.M.Jayabharathi, Asst. Professor (Microbiology) explained about the biofertilizer, types and field application and mass multiplication.

3. Dr.C.Umamaheswari Asst. Professor (Agron.) explained about the general features and mandates of TRRI, Achievements technology of the institute and recently released varieties of rice, blackgram, greengram and government funded schemes like NICRA project and other schemes.

National Pulses Research Station, Vamban 1. Dr.M.Gnanachitra, Asst. Professor (Microbiology) explained about the general features and mandates of the research station and recently released varieties of Redgram, blackgram, greengram and cowpea crops. Soil application and seed treatment of biofertilzer were also explained.

2. Dr.P.Akiladevi, Asst. Professor (Plant Pathology) discussed about the major diseases of pulses crops of Redgram, blackgram, greengram and cowpea.

4 22.04.2018 Sunday Anbil Dharmalingam Agricultural College & Research Institute (ADAC&RI), Trichy 1. Dr.C.SenthilKumar, Asst. Professor (Namatology) had explained about the institute, all released varieties, soil salinity management and ongoing trials this institutes.
Agricultural Engineering College and Research Institute (AEC&RI), Kumulur, Trichy district 1. Dr.P.Saravanakumar Asst. Professor (Farm Machinery) explained about the institute, working principles of all type of machineries from tillage to harvesting and processing of seed, soil water conservation and control measures and showed all machineries.
5 23.04.2018 Monday Agricultural College and Research Institute (AC&RI), Madurai 1. Mr.S.Prakash, Ph.D. Scholar (Agronomy), Farm Management had explained about the institute, cultivation aspects of aerobic rice crop and its management, different land configuration, cropping system, control of weeds through Nano technology and ongoing trials at this institute.

2. Mr.Ganeshan, showed animal husbandry units like cattle, sheep and goat and poultry units, milking unit and also explained animal diet and cleanness.

3. Dr.C.Kokiladevi, Professor (Biotechnology), Agriculture Innovation Centre, at AC&RI, Madurai showed all the different instruments used in different department like Breeding, Soil Science Biotechnology etc,

Agricultural Research Station, Kovilpatti 1. Dr.V. Sanju Kumar, Asst. Professor (Soil Science and Agricultural chemistry) explained about the station, AICRP in Cotton, cultivation aspects of cotton, sorghum, chillies and pulses, and recently released varieties, dry farming problem and their management.
6 24.04.2018 Tuesday Agricultural Research Station, Thirupathisaram 1. Mrs. A. Selvi, Asst. Agriculture officer explained about the station, recently released rice varieties, rice cropping system and fluffy soil and their management.
Floricultural Research Station, Thovalai 1. Dr.A.Jaya Jasmine, Professor and Head explained about the station, cultivation of flowers like all traditional flowers, orchids, medicinal plants and their marketing, transporting and their management and landscaping
7 25.04.2018 Wednesday National Research Centre of Banana (NRCB), Trichy 1. Dr. Ravisamy, publication officer informed about the general features and mandates of the research institute and discussed about the major diseases of banana and value added products of banana

2. Dr.P.Gribabu, Principle Scientist (Nematology) explained about the infection of nematodes, symptoms and their management and major pest and diseases of banana and showed nematode slides.

3. Dr.Ramanujam, Scientist (Plant breeding and genetics) explained about procedure for raising banana through tissue culture especially G9 clone banana and their management problems and showed different stages of tissue culture clones in banana .

4. Dr.K.N.Siva, Scientist (Agricultural Eng.) explained post harvest technology of banana, improved post harvest handling, value added byproducts and management.

4th College and Club day Report-2018


The fourth student college and club day celebration started at 3.00 PM in the afternoon on 26-04-2018 with a prayer song sung by Ms.J. Flavina (2nd year student). Mr. T. Gagarin, C.E.O, Anitech Group, Chennai was the chief guest of this function.

Rev.Dr.A.Maria Soosai, Ph.D., SDB., Rector Sagayathottam and Secretary DBCA welcomed the gathering and he introduced the chief guest with his warm words. He offered a memento to the chief guest as a token of love and appreciation. The college day report was presented by Dr.A.Christopher Lourduraj, M.Sc (Agri.), Ph.D., Dean, DBCA and Club day report by Mr. A. Vasanth, Students club secretary, DBCA.

Chief guest of this function Mr. T. Gagarin, C.E.O, Anitech Group gave a wonderful chief guest address. He mentioned how to prioritize things in our life, how the students should work with a goal etc. He also honoured the staff members, best students of all the years and secretaries of students club of DBCA and prize winners of various competitions held during the year. Followed by the chief guest address, cultural programme was performed by the students.

Ms. R. Princy Raveena, Student club secretary, 2017-18 thanked the gathering.