Co-Curricular Activities


The open day programme was conducted on 21.05.2018 at Don Bosco College of Agriculture (DBCA), Sagaythottam. The students and parents from various places participated in the programme. The Dean, DBCA welcomed the students and parents along with the staff members. He highlighted about history, importance and scope of agriculture and Tamil Nadu Agricultural University.

Mr. A. Mohanasundrarm, Assistant Professor explained about the online registration and online counseling and schedule for UG admission processes. The students along with their parents visited the lab, field lab orchard and students hostel. The conduct of TNAU Open Day was appreciated by potential students and parents.


This is the report of 4th Students club activities performed during the academic year 2017-18. The students club was inaugurated on 27.09.2017. Student secretaries were selected for various clubs. Mr.A.Vasanth and Ms.R.Princyraveena were selected as student club secretaries. Mr.J.S.Mariaromauld and Ms. U.Kiruthiga Devi were the dramatic secretaries. Secretaries for Tamil Mandram were Mr.T.Pudhiyavan and, Ms.K.Akila, Mr. M. Arvin and Ms.R.Monisha were secretaries responsible for sports and games.

The student secretaries organized several cultural programs and competitions. To exhibit the talent of the students, competitions were conducted in various aspects during February and March 2018. To help the students to show their creativity, competitions like, Rangoli, mehandhi, drawing, vegetable carving were conducted. To ignite the students’ thoughts, essay writing, poem writing, and elocution competitions were conducted both in Tamil and English. Drama, Dance and singing competitions were also conducted.

The students were also involved in social welfare activities. Women’s day was celebrated on 8 March 2018. Our college secretary, dean, rector, and counselor father addressed the gathering on the occasion and students actively participated with speeches, skits and songs.
Our students visited Premnikethan an orphanage in Thakkolam on 21-03-2018 and spent a whole day with the needy people. They have conducted sports and cultural events for the inmates of Premnikethan and distributed prizes and sweets.

Fourth annual sports day was celebrated at our college for the year 2018 on 27th March. The chief guests for the function were Mr. P. Prasanth Kumar, B.E. MBA, Mr. V. S. Anish, M.S. Software Engineer and. The students were grouped into four houses, namely red, blue, yellow and green and students actively participated in sports and games. Among four different houses, blue house won the award of overall championship. The individual overall championship among boys was Mr.M.K.Matheshkumar of II B.Sc. (Agri.) and among girls was Ms. M. Soundarya, IV B.Sc. (Agri.)

Muthamizh vizha was celebrated on 17.04.2018. Aim of this function is to provide space to the students to think, enrich and express their talents in their native language and the student actively involved in various events. Mr. Selva Kumar, Perasiriyar, Thuya nenja kallori and Mr. Solaikuyil, Haiku Kavignar were the chief guests. An informative talk was given by the chief guests. A healthy and informative debate was conducted on the topic “Vazhkayil Magizhchiai tharuvadhu Panama Bandhama”.

The groups were headed by Mr. T.Kuzhalarasan, and Ms. S. Gopika of IV B.Sc. (Agri.) Kaviyarangam was also a part of muthamizh vizha and students enthusiastically participated in different cultural programmes viz., karagattam, Tamil poem, Bommalattam, Poikkal kudhiraiattam, Villupattu, Silambattam, Group song, Solo song, solo dance, Group dance.

Our students performed cultural programmes in all the events conducted through students club and showed their talents.

The management, dean, professors and non teaching staff together contributed for conduct of various club activities. All the student club activities were conducted to show the inherent ability and nurture the talent of the student community.


Games play an important part in life. Education is incomplete without games. Games are necessary to keep the body fit and trim. Moreover, they provide recreation. As a result, one feels smart and cheerful throughout the day. When one is cheerful and healthy, he or she really enjoys life. Games also teach us the lesson of discipline, team work, patience and punctuality. Hence I welcome everyone gathered here for the 4th annual sports meet of Don Bosco College of agriculture, Sagayathottam.

A good social meet succeeds through good motivation. Likewise our Rev. Dr. Maria Soosai, Rector and Secretary and Dr. A. Christopher Lourduraj, Dean, DBCA, motivated us to conduct this event in a grand manner. Our physical Education Director Mr. C. Periyanayakasamy and all other staff members supported and guided us in conducting all events. The Sports Secretaries Mr. M. Arivin and Ms. R. Monisha Joint secretaries Mr. Antony yesuraj and MS. P. Kirthiga played a major role for conducting this day in a harmonious way.

To exhibit the talents of our students, various events were conducted. Four houses were formed to represent their abilities. The houses were Blue house, Red house, Green house and Yellow house. The captains were Mr. S. Raghul, Ms. G. Shanmugapriya, Mr. A. Vasanth, Ms. M. Soundarya, Mr.R. Srinath, Ms. K. Akila, Mr. S. Ramesh and Ms. S. Gopika respectively.

Students of four years competed house wise in all the events. The games namely Volley ball, Foot ball, basket ball, khabadi and throw events such as Javelin throw, discus throw, shot put and Jump events like Long Jump and triple jump were conducted for boys and for Girls games namely throw ball, khabadi and Kho-Kho was conducted. Field events such as Javelin throw; discus throw, Shot put, Long jump and triple jump were also conducted. Track events viz. 100m, 200m, 400m, 800m, 1500m and relay (100×4m) was conducted for boys and girls. Indoor games viz. Badminton, carom and chess were also conducted separately for boys and girls. Our college students also participated in inter collegiate tournaments like Riveria (2018) conducted in VIT, Vellore on February 11thand Swami Vivekanandha Trophy conducted in Ramakrishna Mission Vivekanandha Educational and Research Institute, Coimbatore on March 9th and 10th.

“Talents win games, but teamwork and intelligence wins championship”. Among the houses the overall house championship is won by BLUE HOUSE and Captains are Mr. G. Raghul and Ms. G. Shanmugapriya. The Individual championship is won by Mr. V. K. Matheshkumar from blue house among boys and among the girls Ms. M. Soundarya from red house has won the Individual championship.


The 4th hostel day was celebrated on 5th April 2018. The hostel day celebration started in the previous day evening with fun games and events. 25 numbers of fun games viz. Gunny bag race, Hide and seek, Lemon in the spoon, Simon says, Bottle filling, Target throw, etc. was conducted at the hostels of both girls and boys. Other events viz, Volley ball, Kabaadi, Cricket, Throw ball, Kho-Kho, Chess and Carrom were conducted in the college ground. The students actively participated in all the fun games and events.

The function started in the evening at 5.00pm with a prayer song and welcome dance followed by welcome address given by Rev.Fr. Y.L. Irudhayaraj SDB, Warden, DBCA Boys’ Hostel. Mr. K. Chinni Jeyanth, Director and Cine Actor and Mr. Lionel Huggett, C.E.O, Sennetta Hotels were the chief guests for the function.
Then felicitation to the students was given by Rev. Fr. Maria Soosai SDB, Rector, Sagayathottam, Rev. Fr. Antonysamy SDB, Secretary, SIARD, Rev. Bro. Arulappa SDB, Administrator, Dr. A. Christopher Lourduraj, Dean, DBCA.

The chief guest address given by Mr. K. Chinni Jeyanth, Director and Cine Actor was inspiring, motivational and also entertaining. The students were benefited and enjoyed the speech. Chief guest appreciated and distributed the prizes to the winners of the different events.

After chief guest address we had student cultural programmes. Miss. M. Srividhya student hostel secretary (Girls) delivered a vote of thanks.

Hostel Day Games & Events on 4.4.2018

Hostel Day Celebrations on 5.4.2018

Students Cultural Programmes

Introduction :

MuthamizhVizha is celebrated to inculcate the importance of Tamil Language among the students and paying a tribute to its contributions to the culture and tradition of Tamil Nadu.

Aim of the function is to provide space to the students to think, enrich and express their talents in their native language. Fourth Muthamizh Vizha for the academic year 2017-2018 was celebrated on 17.04.2018. (Tuesday). The function was successfully organized by the Tamil Mandram.

Office bearer’s of Tamil Mandram :

Tamil Mandram secretaries of this college for the academic year 2017-2018 are Mr.T.Puthiyavan & Ms.K.Akila of final B.Sc (Ag) and Mr. K.Surya & Ms.M.Aishwarya of III B.Sc (Ag) are joint secretaries. Dr.R.Rajasekaran Asst.Professor (Agrl.Extension) is the coordinator of Tamil Mandram.

Inauguration :

The traditional way of greeting was given to the chief guests, staff and students. Students actively gave their presence on time with colorful traditional dhotis and sarees. The Auditorium was filled with Tamil fragrance and fourth Muthamizh Vizha started at 9.00 am with a prayer song given by Ms. J.Flavina, Student, II B.Sc (Agri). Next, the entire audience and guests on the stage sincerely sang ‘Tamil Thai Vazhthu in a standing position with chorus. The holy lamp was lightened by the chief guests, Rev. Fr. Mariya Soosai, Rector & Secretary and the student secretaries Mr.T.Puthiyavan & Ms.K.Akila. Then, a whole hearted welcome address was given by Ms.K.Akila, Student Secretary, Tamil mandram.

Felicitation :

Elders and teachers blessings are the motivating factors to the students. Felicitation address started with Rev. Fr. Mariya Soosai , Rector & Secretary, DBCA. He gave a motivating felicitation and he congratulated all the secretaries of Tamil Mandram for their excellent arrangement and efforts taken towards conduct of this function. He enlisted the historical glimpse of Tamil language.

Rev. Fr. Anthony samy, Secretary, SIARD, started his felicitation with a melody song and gained the audience round of applause. Further, he congratulated the secretaries of Tamil Mandram for their exceptional arrangement and splashed his hearty wishes to the students. Rev. Br. Arulappa, Administrator, Sagayathottam, gave his felicitation to the students and staff. He said ‘Language is an important tool for communication and also, it is associated with one’s culture & tradition.

Dr. A. Christopher Lourduraj, Dean, DBCA gave a speech on Tamil language and its significance. Further, he mentioned the important quotes in Tamil. At the end, he appreciated the student secretaries, teaching & non teaching staff for being a part of the functions success.

Chief Guest introduction :

Rev.Fr. Mariya Soosai , Rector & Secretary, DBCA introduced the chief guests to the audience. Chief guests of the prestigious Muthamizh Vizha were Poet. Pon. Selvakumar, Professor & Head, Department of Tamil, Sacred Heart College, Thirupattur and Hiku poet. Solai Isaikuyil, Sacred Heart College, Thirupattur.

The chief guests Pon. Selvakumar and Hiku poet. Solai Isaikuyil were honoured by Dr.A.Christopher Lourduraj, Dean, DBCA and Rev. Fr.Maria Soosai Rector & Secretary, DBCA respectively with mementoes. Secretaries of Tamil mandram Mr.T. Puthiyavan & Ms.K. Akila and joint secretaries Mr.K.Surya & Ms.M.Aishwarya were also honoured by Chief guests with momentoes.

Chief Guest address :

The function highlighted by the chief guests address. Poet. Pon. Selvakumar, gave a spectacular and informative speech on the relationship of Tamil and Agriculture, Dimensions of Tamil Language and importance to safeguard Tamil language. Further, he spotted different social issues related to agriculture prevailing in the society and solutions to overcome the issues.

Hiku poet. Solai Isaikuyil, gave an interesting speech on “Hiku” and its origin, procedures and methods to write Hiku poems in detail. He explained the difference between poems and Hiku poems and also he enlisted different types of ‘Hiku’ poems and made the audience smiling and cheery.

The next session was Pattimandram( Debate) . The Judge of debate was one of our chief guests Poet. The first & second groups were headed by Mr.A.Jason Arockiyam, II B.Sc (Ag) and Ms. S. Gopika, IV B.Sc (Ag) students respectively.

Group members of both teams actively participated and registered their views towards supporting their teams. It was a great pleasurable and informative session.

Cultural events :

Students enthusiastically participated in different cultural programmes viz., karagattam, Tamil Speech, Group song, Solo song, solo dance, Group dance,Pattikada pattanama etc…

The function ended with a vote of thanks delivered byMr.T.Puthiyavan, student secretary, Tamil Mandram, DBCA.


One day mentoring programme was conducted during August 2018 at Don Bosco Citadel, Salesian Provincial House. All the teaching and office staff of Don Bosco College of Agriculture (DBCA) participated.. The training session were handled by Rev. Fr. Joseph Jayaraj, MA (English), Director, Niraivagam Counseling centre, Chennai.

In the first session, the attributes of a good teacher viz. being second god, gift, bow, ladder etc. to students were explained. At the end of the first session he concluded that in our society good students (citizens) are created by good teachers for the ice breaking session, a small game was conducted with balloons. Based on our participation it was highlighted that we should handle the students just as we handle the balloons i.e. with great care.

In the second session, he shared his views on ‘Wholeness of Education’. In that session five concepts of wholeness viz. Discipline, Vision, Passion, Spirit and Societal were explained. Staff were separated into various groups and were asked to create a picture on wholeness based on the above concepts. The staff created various pictures with which they explained the concept of Wholeness in Education. Rev Fr. Joseph Jayaraj also boosted the participants by brain-gym exercises. He further gave a lecture on ‘how to help yourself and others’ then ‘how to love yourself and others’ by his video clippings.

On third session he discussed various types of communication and highlighted the importance of empathic communication. He pointed out the differences between sympathy and empathy and motivated the staff to adopt the empathic communication method.

The feedback from participants indicated that the animation class was very useful and improved their motivation and commitment to teaching and life.