Cultural Club

Name of the Club                    : Cultural Club

President                                  : Dr. P. Rajamani,
                                                      Dr. H. A.Archana

Secretary                                : S.Thomas Wilson and Shaik sumera

Jt. Secretary                           : R.Praveen kumar and K.Pughal selvi (Third year)

                                                  Muralitharan.K and Ramya sarathi (Second year)

                                                  Kaliswaran.B.M and Varshamary. A (First year)

1. Aim of the club :

Aims to identifying students talents in singing, dancing,,acting, and devolping through cultural program ..

2. Objectives of the club

  • Willing to come forwardto participate in preparing, programming.
  • Organizing cultural competitions and programming

3. History of the club

The DBCA cultural club started on 2014 and we are celebrating 6th year.

4. Values behind the activities of the club:

  • To encourage students to participate different cultural activities.
  • The students develop their leadership and decision making skills.
  • Enhance their skills and to accentuate their understanding and learning graph

5. Activities of the club :

  • Monthly competitions (Dancing, Singing, Mime, Playing musical instruments,)

6. Resource persons:

  • We plane to invite chief guest from different disciplines.

7. For whome :Members and for other students of all the four years.
8. Pregramme method : competitions, input sessions, practice sessions, programming.

Annual Planning

Every month one programme will organize for cultural club

Month Programme
November 2019 Western dance competition

Folk dance competition

December 2019 Mime competition
January 2020 Singing competition
February 2020 Musical instrument competition
March 2020 Muthamil vizha
April 2020 Closing ceremony

9. Logistics:

  • Rehearsal room
  • Musical instruments (key board, drums)
  • Locker
  • Makeup set