Hostel and Canteen

Facilities provided in the Hostels

At present 120 students in the boys hostel and 170 students in the girls hostel are residing. Now a full time Hostel Director is available to take care of the students requirements. CCTV cameras have been installed in the hostels. Wi-fi connectivity is extended for restricted hours. In dining halls, electric insect traps have been installed.

All the rooms are protected with mosquito nets. A rain shelter has been provided in hand wash area. Due to the increase in strength of students in the hostel additional rooms, cots, dining tables, chairs and racks were made available. Xeroxing and printing facility is provided in the Hostels. Play grounds for Foot Ball, Cricket, Volley Ball, Shuttle and Kabadi court have been developed. Facilities for indoor games viz., Table tennis, Carrom and Chess have been created. Students are motivated to participate in tournaments conducted in other nearby Institutes.

Men’s Hostel

Women’s Hostel