World mother language day on 21.02.2019:

UNESCO has been celebrating International Mother Language Day for nearly 20 years with the aim of preserving linguistic diversity and promoting mother tongue-based multilingual education. Linguistic diversity is increasingly threatened as more and more languages disappear. One language disappears on average every two weeks, taking with it an entire cultural and intellectual heritage.

Nevertheless, progress is being made in mother tongue-based multilingual education with growing understanding of its importance, particularly in early schooling, and more commitment to its development in public life.

This year, UNESCO commemorates the 70th anniversary of the Universal Declaration of Human Rights and its bold statement that ‘no discrimination can be made on the basis of language’, and celebrates its translation into more than 500 languages.

International Mother Language Day was celebrated at DBCA:

International Mother Language Day was celebrated at DBCA on 21.02.2019. The programme started with a prayer song performed in Tamil by Ms. G. Ramyasarathi, I year, NSS volunteers. NSS volunteers and staff of DBCA participated in the function. Dr.P.Rajamani NSS Asst.Programme officer gave welcome address. Ms.S. Balakrishnan, NSS Programme officer gave an introduction about the importance of language, particularly the courageous features of Tamil language.

Mr. E. Kanmani, Asst.professor (Crop Physiology) Asst NSS Programme officer explained the importance and uniqueness of Tamil language. Further he said, language is the chief vehicle of culture. NSS volunteers actively gave their contribution as songs, speech etc. Mr. S. Punithkumar, NSS volunteer gave vote of thanks.

International women’s day celebrated on 22.02.2019

International women’s day was celebrated on 8th March, 2019 at DBCA campus.Ms. G. Selvakumari, NSS student volunteer, welcomed the students, staff and chief guests. Rev.Fr. Robert Alphonse, Sister Mercy kuzandhai theras.

Mrs. Shanthi, Block Development Officer Arakkonam were the chief guests for the function.

The important objective of the day celebrated is to sensitize gender parity among the students community.


The function started with a prayer song sung by the NSS student volunteers.Rev.Fr. Robert Alphonse, Adminstrator, Sagayathottam, insisted in his felicitation speech that girls must be exposed to a broad range of careers, and encouraged to make choices that lead beyond the traditional service.

Mr. A. Mohanasundaram, Asst. Prof. (Environmental Science) gave a speech on importance and strengths of women’s in the society and he explained about the origin, purpose, history & chronology of women’s day celebrated across the world.

Mrs. G. Aruna, Asst. Prof (Plant Pathology) gave a motivated speech the students and encouraged the students, staff for their efforts taken towards conduct of the function successfully. Further, gave a speech on need & importance of women’s contribution for the development of home and country.

Chief Guest address:

Mrs. Shanthi, Block Development Officer Arakkonam gave a motivated speech on gender and society. Rights of women, power of women, roles & responsibility of women were the important areas of her wonderful speech.

Student’s contribution:

NSS students volunteers encouraged to gave speech indicating importance of women’s and also actively performed different cultural events like songs, skit, mime, etc. At the end of the function, Ms.P.Priya, NSS student volunteer delivered vote of thanks.

International women’s day celebrated on 22.02.2019

World Consumers Rights Day 2019 on 15.03.2019


The consumer movement marks 15th March with World Consumer Rights Day every year, as a means of raising global awareness about consumer rights and needs. Celebrating the day is a chance to demand that the rights of all consumers are respected and protected, and to protest against market abuses and social injustices which undermine those rights.

World Consumer Rights Day was inspired by President John F Kennedy, who sent a special message to the US Congress on 15th March 1962, in which he formally addressed the issue of consumer rights. He was the first world leader to do so. The consumer movement first marked that date in 1983 and now uses the day every year to mobilise action on important issues and campaigns.

About the theme

Smart products are connected to the internet and receive, collect and send data. Globally, there are currently 23.1 billion smart products in the world, outnumbering people three to one.

As more people come online across the world and our connection to the internet becomes better and faster, smart products will become more of s day – to-day reality for consumers everywhere a major change in the way many consumer interact with products and services.

The emergence of smart technology brings many opportunities for consumers, access to new services, more products, greater convenience and choice. There are, however, some significant causes for concern: lack of security, privacy and meaningful choice over how we use them, as well a lack of clarity about who is responsible when things go wrong.

There are also issues around lack of access, with millions of people globally locked out of this new technology by overly by high data charges.

World Consumer Rights Day 2019 was celebrated at DBCA

International World Consumer Rights Day 2019 was celebrated on 15th March, 2019 at DBCA campus. Dr,P.Rajamani, Asst NSS Co-ordinator welcomed the students, staff and chief guests.

Mr. N. Kalidhass, Asst. Prof. (Agricultural Economics) were the chief guests for the function. The important objective of the day celebrated is to sensitize gender parity among the students community.

Chief Guest address:

Mr. N. Kalidass, Asst. Prof. ( Agricultural Economics) gave a awareness speech on consumer, goods, services, consumer rights and briefly explain about Consumer Act, food adulteration, and clearly explain about how to complaint and appeal under this Act.

At the end of the function, Ms. P.Sangeetha, NSS student volunteer delivered vote of thanks.

NSS SPECIAL CAMP REPORT – 01.05.2019 – 07.05.2019

Day one 01.05.2019 (Wednesday)

On the first day of our NSS camp we went to the nearby village Narasingapuram and started our work by cleaning the government school.

1. Transect Walk

A transect walk is a systematic walk along defined path (transect) across the community/project area together with the local people to explore the water and sanitation conditions by observing asking, listening, looking,and producing a diagram.

We had gone for transect walk in Narasingapuram. by doing so we came to know about the various resources and culture and tradition of that people living there .The customs of those people was known by us .We were divided into groups and we had gone for a transect walk .People here greeted and welcomed us with warm heart .This transect walk helped us to know more about the people living there .We had also drew the village map while going for the walk.

2. Inauguration Function

Inaugural fuction of the special camp for N.S.S Volunteers (2017th batch) was conducted at Narasingapuram village,Thiruvallur district.

The fuction started with welcome address by N.S.S. student volunteers followed by Ms.V.Ponmani. Initially J. Sivamani VAO of the village gave his valuable speech and cordially invited and encouraged us to work for his village welfare .Then the speech was preceded by the chief guest Rev.Fr. Mariasoosai. Again headmaster of the school Mr.Shanmugam gave his speech .Finally the speech was given by Mr.Palani Assistant head master of girl’s higher secondary school. After that officials were honoured by NSS volunteers.Then the programme was concluded by giving vote of thanks by Mr.Lokeshwaran one of our NSS volunteer.

Day Two 02.05.2019 (Thursday)

1. Awareness rally against ‘degradable and non degradable wastage’

The morning session started at 7.30 AM. All the NSS volunteers devotedly involved in conducting rally against open toilet use. The rally was initiated by Mr. S.Balakrishnan, NSS Programme officer and Mr.G.Karthik and Ms.E.Kanmani, Asst. NSS Programme officer with the slogans insisting the degradable and non degradable wastage and the NSS volunteers followed the slogans. The volunteers actively prepared charts before the rally. The main motto was bringing awareness against open toilet which was reached the villagers by this rally.

2. Cleaning of public places:

The important contribution of the NSS volunteers was the cleaning of public places. The whole group was divided into different sub groups and each group allotted to clean different areas in and around the village. NSS volunteers actively involved in cleaning of public drainages to avoid stagnation which act as breeding place for many flies and collected the plastic wastes in and around the village and disposed it into the non degradable dust bins kept by government. Weeds and wastes in water ways were cleaned by the volunteers. For hygienic water supply to village peoples the public well and drinking water tank was cleaned and bleaching power applied. The temple was also cleaned by the NSS volunteers.

Day three 03.05.2019 (Friday)

1. Tree planting

The day started with planting the saplings. Dr. R. Philip Sridhar, Dean, DBCA start the tree planting fallowed by Mr.Thangamuniyandi Assistant professor (Horticulture), Mr. N. Kalidas Assistant Professor (Agrl. Economics), Mr. S.Balakrishan, NSS Programme officer Mr.G. Karthik, Ms. E. Kanmani, Asst. NSS Programme officer participated in planting . The NSS volunteers planted trees like pungam tree, mango, Nerium, jamun, tamarind and more than 100 saplings were distributed to the village peoples.

2. Awareness programme on rain water harvesting

Mr. Kailash kumar, Asst. Prof (Agricultural Engineering) explained about importance of rain water harvesting and explained about methods of rain water harvesting in field level and also house hold level for improving ground water. Further, she explained different practices to be followed in field during the raining days especially drainage method, irrigation management, etc.

Day four 04.05.2019 (Saturday)

1. Literacy programmes for elders:

Mr. G.Karthik, Asst. Prof (Entomology) coordinated the volunteers to educate the elders in the village. Volunteers passionately involved training the old people to write their name and respective signature. Eagerly all elders learned from NSS volunteers without hesitation. The two way communication was expressed between them. Some old peoples eagerly came and voluntarily involved in the learning.

2. Mushroom production

The farmers and the people of Narasingapuram village were invited by the NSS volunteers in order to make them gain knowledge in mushroom production by NSS volunteers. Ms.Ponmani and Ms. Monika, NSS volunteers explained about the benefits, importance and types of mushrooms. They clearly explained about the production and managements of mushroom.

The farmers of Narasingapuram village actively participated in the demonstration and had their doubts cleared by the experts.

3. Improved variety and mechanization in Agricultural:

The village people were invited by NSS volunteers. The speech was given by Mr.Amarnath, Assistant Professor (Bio Technology) about improved varieties and its advantages. He explained about its applications in agriculture and how it helps to farmers.

Then the next speech was held by Mr. Kailash Kumar, Assistant Professor (Agricultural Engineering) about Agricultural Mechanization. He explained about the advanced technology in agriculture like combined harvester, power tiller, paddy transplanter, etc. He also explained about the use of mechanization in Agriculture. Then the doubt which has been asked by the village people was cleared by him.

Day five 05.05.2019 (Sunday)

1. Awareness rally against ‘open toilet usage’

The morning session started at 7.30 AM. All the NSS volunteers devotedly involved in conducting rally against open toilet use. The rally was initiated by Mr. S. Balakrishnan, NSS Programme officer with the slogans insisting the use of toilet and the NSS volunteers followed the slogans. The volunteers actively prepared charts before the rally. The main motto was bringing awareness against open toilet which was reached the villagers by this rally.

2. Bee keeping

The farmers and the people of Narasingapuram village were invited by the NSS volunteers in order to make them gain knowledge in bee keeping by the advice of the experts in corresponding field.

Mr.Avinash and Mr. Sathish, the final year students of Don Bosco College of Agriculture, Sagayathottam under the guidance of Mr . Karthik, Asst. Prof. (Entamology), Don Bosco College of Agriculture, Sagayathottam explained about the benefits, importance and types of bees .They clearly explained about the handling of bees and maintenance of bee hives. They also explained about the necessary safety measures to be taken while handling bees.

The farmers of Narasingapuram village actively participated in the demonstration and had their doubts cleared by the experts.

3. Vermicompost production

The earthworm is known as the”Friend of Farmer”. Th provides us the vermicompost which is very good manure that is rich in all nutrients. The vermicompost plays a major role in Organic Asst Prof, farming also. Mr.Mohanasundaram, Asst Prof. (Environmental science) took efforts to explain about the procedure for production of vermicompost. He also spoke about the environmental issues .He explained about the measurements of the compost pit and also about the inputs for the production of vermicompost and clearly explained about the production of vermicompost.

Day six 06.05.2019 (Monday)

1. Games for school children

In the morning session, NSS volunteers organized games to the children in the public place of the village. All the children were called and competitions organized. Games were conducted separately according to their age group. Running, frog jump, lucky box, bottle filling, lemon on the spoon were the games conducted in the session. The names of the winners at different game were noted and prizes distributed at the valedictory function.

Other than children, elders also actively participated and expressed their talents in the session.

2. Guest lecture on soil testing, importance of millets and seed production

The special lecture on soil testing was fleetingly given by Dr. P. Rajamani Asst. Prof. (Soil Science). In this session the advantage and importance of soil testing were clearly explained and he motivated the farmers to follow the crop rotation and growing pulses at each cropping system fallowed by Mr.N.Vijayaragavan, Asst. Prof. (Agronomy) given a guest lecture about importance millets crop and encourage to produce and consumption of millets and finally Mr.S.Balakrishnan, Asst. Prof (Seed Science and Technology) explained about seed industry of Indian, seed demand and briefly explained about seed production procedure and he encourage the farmer to seed producer.

Day seven 07.05.2019 (Tuesday)

Veterinary camp

All NSS volunteers announced the information of conducting veterinary camp in village to the individual home. Artificial insemination, vaccination and deworming of animals were done by Dr.A.Thilagavathi (MVSc.) Govt veterinary doctor, Narasingapuram. The special lecture on Azolla growing technique, Panchakaviyam preparation methods was briefly explained by Doctor. More than 100 numbers of livestocks and birds were checked and treated based on the diagnosis.

2. Valedictory function

The fuction started with welcome address by Ms. E.Kanmani, Asst. Prof (Crop Physiology) Asst N.S.S. programmer officer. Then, the felicitation address of special camp was given by Rev. Fr. Maria Soosai, Rector & Secretary, DBCA, Dr.R. Rajasekaran Asst. Prof. (Agrl Extension) and all the staff members of the college and key persons of the villege. To encourage the village children who participated in games, useful prizes were distributed to them. Then the programme was concluded by giving vote of thanks by Mr.S.Balakrishnan, NSS Programme officer.

Celebration of international Yoga Day on 21.06.2019


Don Bosco College of Agriculture celebrated ‘International yoga day’ on 21.06.2019. Staff and students of this college actively participated in the celebration of yoga day. Dr. M. Selvarajan, Principal, gave special speech on “Importance of Yoga”. Mr. pichandi, Yoga trainer explained the purpose of the event and motivated the students.

Student’s active participation:

The main activity for the yoga day was the yoga practice by the students. The importance of each yoga was also indicated by the Yoga trainer. Student volunteers taught different Yoga Asanas and ‘Pranayama’. Under their guidance, the group also did Kapalbhati, Pranayam, Padmasanam,Vajrasanam, Arthagiriyasanam and Thasai naar muchipayirchi’

Teacher’s day Celebration on 05.09.2019

On September 5, the teacher’s day was celebrated at the college auditorium. Teacher’s day was celebrated in campus in remembrance of Dr. Sarvapalli Radhakrishnan’s birthday. The presidential address was given by Dr. M. Selvarajan, Principal DBCA. Rev. Fr. A. Mariasoosai, Rector DBCA, Fr. Anthonisamy Secretary SIARD and Rev. Fr. Kamalesh, hostel director DBCA shared their thoughts about the role of teachers in the life of students. The student felicitated the staff members of the college.

Many colourful events were conducted on the day. Speeches about the importance of the teachers were given by the students of DBCA, Ms. A. Kalaiyarasi of 1st year, Ms. K. Jayabharathi of 2nd year, Ms. V. Vanmathi of 2nd year, Mr. M. Praveen Kumar of 1st year, Ms. Indumathi of 1st year delivered a poem about teachers. Ms. G. Ramyasarathi of 2nd year sung a song. Debate was conducted the part of Teachers day celebration. The students actively participated in the debate and the result was declared by Dr. R. Rajasekaran, Asst. Professor (Agrl. Extension)

Ozone day& Peace day celebration on 21.09.2019

On September 21st 2019 World Ozone Day and International Day of Peace was celebrated at Don Bosco College Of Agriculture. Essay and drawing competition were conducted on the topic ‘’Environmental Security’’ with the motive of protecting the ozone layer and the environment. On the same occasion a programme was held at the auditorium to celebrate the ‘International Day of Peace’.

The special address was delivered by Rev. Father. Arokiasamy, Headmaster, Don Bosco Hr. Sec. School on the importance of peace and its maintenance all over the world. Ms. Divyabharathi, Mr. Suryaganth, Ms. Indhumathi of 1st year expressed their thoughts on peace with their nourishing words. Prizes were distributed to the winners of the essay and drawing competitions by Rev. Fr. Mariyasoosai to encourage the hidden potential of the students.

NSS Day Celebration on 24.09.2019

On September 24, the NSS day was celebrated at DBCA, Sagayathottam. The welcome address was given by Ms. A. Rexaline Briti, IInd year. The presidential address was given by Dr. M. Selvarajan, Prinicipal DBCA during which he clearly explained the history of the day the important role of the students in the social activities and encouraged their participation in all the voluntary activities. Ms. V. Monisha, Ist year enlightened the event with her creative ideas. This auspicious event came was concluded with the grateful words of Mr.S.Shunmugnathan, NSS secretary.

To observe the NSS day meaningfully, the students of DBCA cleaned their campus.


On September 28, 2019 plastic free rally campaign was conducted at Narasingapuram and Marimangalam villages commemorating the 150th birth anniversary of Mahatma Gandhi. Nearly 230 students of DBCA actively participated in the rally. The students held the placards bearing quotes such as ‘Ban Plastic, save environment’ for creating awareness among the public. The students also cleaned the villages and segregated the biodegradable and non biodegradable wastes in the surroundings.

Oath Ceremony on 02.10.2019

On October 2nd 2019, 150th Birth Anniversary of Mahatma Gandhi, a pledge was taken by the students of DBCA. The pledge was taken to create awareness about the harmful effects of the plastics to our mother earth. All the students and staff took part in the Oath taking ceremony and pledged to reduce the use of plastic in their daily lives.

Blood Donation Camp on 02.10.2019

A Blood donation camp was organised by Don Bosco College of agriculture, Sagayathottam along with Lions Club, Perambakkam on 02.10.2018 at Govt. Girls. Hr. Sec. School, Perambakkam. This camp was conducted 02.10.2019 on account of Mahatma Gandhi 150th Birth anniversary.

This camp was inaugurated by Rev. Fr. Mariyasoosai, Secretary, DBCA, Rev. Fr. Kamaesh, Hostel Director, DBCA, Dr. Rajarajasozhan, Acadameic Coordinator, DBCA, Mr. Mohanasundaram, NSS Programme Officer, Mr. Sekar, District President, Lions Club, and other Lions club members of Perambakkam were also participeated in the camp.

A team of Doctors and Nurses came from District Head quarter hospital, Tiruvallur, for collection of blood. We could see an active participation of NSS volunteers of DBCA and also a good response by the public. About 35 NSS volunteers donated their blood. Certificated were issued to the donars by the Blood bank Medical officer, District Head quarter hospital, Tiruvallur, as a token of appreciation.

Farm Pond cleaning activity on 12.10.2019

Cleaning activity was done on October 12, 2019 at the farm pond, DBCA, Sagayathottam. The students actively involved in the cleaning process. The banks of the pond were cleaned by removing weeds and the bottom of the pond was freed of rubbish plants. Farm pond was cleaned to harvest the monsoon rain and the collected water would be used for irrigation purposes, fish production and for feeding cattle as well.

Food Day Celebration on 22.10.2019

Making the ‘FOOD DAY’ a programme was held on 22nd October 2019 at Don Bosco College of Agriculture. A special address was delivered by Dr. M. Selvarajan, Principal, Don Bosco College of Agriculture, about nutritious and healthy food and its consumption in our daily diet.

Mr. A. Mohanasundaram, NSS coordinator, spoke about traditional foods such as millets, cereals and the status of food consumption by the people of the world. Dr. R. Rajasekaran, Asst. prof. (Agrl. Extension) a food lover exposed his love towards food through his poem. Ms .S. Arularasi and V .Monisha NSS volunteers expressed their thoughts, about healthy foods taken in the past and the junk foods taken in the present. An exhibition was held on 20 October at DBCA with the prime theme of food and to create awareness about wastage of food.

Dengue awareness control programme on 24.10.2019

On October 24, 2019, the NSS of DBCA distributed Nilavembu kasayam at Don Bosco College campus. Dr. M. Selvarajan, Principal of DBCA intiated the event and a cup of kasayam were provided for the students, staffs and the workers. The kasayam was provided to increase the immune power and to control the spread of dengue and viral fever

Constitution day celebration on 16.11.2019

On November 16, 2019 constitution day was observed at DBCA. Welcome address was given by Rev. Fr. Kamalesh, hostel director DBCA. Rev. Fr. A. Devasagayam BA.L.LB, Parish Priest, Soganur was invited as the chief guest and he delivered a speech giving a detailed account of the Indian constitution.

He explained the history and the development of the Indian constitution and its new amendments. He also explained in detail the permeable, the fundamental rights and duties and the rules and regulations that should be followed by the students as citizens of India. He conducted an interactive session with the students and the staff members of DBCA. The students actively raised their queries and he explained the solution for their queries in a brief manner.

Medical camp on 21.11.2019

On 21st November 2019 a medical camp was held at Don Bosco College of Agriculture. The NSS unit of DBCA organized a general medical camp through Chettind Hospital, Kelambakkam, Chennai. The doctors were welcomed by Rev. Fr. Arokiyasamy, Headmaster DBHSS and the inaugural address was delivered by Dr.M.Selvarajan, Principal DBCA. Rev. Fr. A. Mariasoosai, Secretary DBCA felicitated the doctors.

The camp was actively organized by the staff members and the NSS volunteers and nearly 200 students, staff members, Farmers and workers benefitted from the camp. In the medical camp various specialists namely an eye specialist, a gynaecologist, a psychiatrist and a general doctor were present to do their active role of checking the health condition of the people.

Agricultural Education Day Celebration on 7.12.2019

On marking the birth anniversary of Bharath Ratna Dr. Rajendra Prasad, the first president of Independent India, on Dec 7th ‘Agricultural Education Day’ was observed at DBCA. The students of Don Bosco Higher Secondary School visited the DBCA campus and an input session was given to them by Dr. Selvarajan, Principal DBCA, about the various carrier opportunities that are available in the agri. field.

They also visited the laboratories and fields. The staff of various departments explained about their concerned subjects. Essay and drawing competitions were conducted for the school students. More than 78 students participated in the competition and Dr. M. Selvarajan, principal DBCA distributed the prizes to the winners.

My Body My Right Programme on 7.12.2019

On December 7th DBCA & SURABI jointly organized ‘My Body My Right’ programme at DBCA Sagayathottam. Ms. Priya and Mrs. Rani Staff from SURABI briefly explained about gender sensitivity and equality. The students and staffs raised queries on the society point of view about the gender equality. Dr R. Rajasekaran, Asst. prof. (Agrl. Extension) concluded the session with his inspiring speech about social equality.

The afternoon session was conducted for the girl students of DBCA about the menstrual hygienic management. Ms. Priya, a staff from SURABI, demonstrated the safe and hygienic practices for girls. Mrs. Rani concluded the programme giving some concluding remarks.

Human Rights Day Celebration on 14.12.2019

Human Rights Day was celebrated on December 14, 2019 at DBCA Sagayathottam marking the International Human Rights Day on 10th December. The programme was coordinated by NSS, DBCA and SURABI, an organization under the salesian congregation.

The chief Guest Paadam A. Narayanam the founder of change India and a social activist gave special speech on the basic Human Rights and the various discrimination in the society. He also spoke about the weaker sections of the society and their rights. The students actively interacted with him and clarified their doubts regarding the basic Human Rights. Dr. M. Selvarajan, principal, DBCA and Rev. Fr. Kamalesh, Hostel Director DBCA participated in the event.

National Voter’s Day Celebration on 25.01.2020

The National Voter’s Day was celebrated on 25.01.2020 at Don Bosco College of agriculture, Sagayathottam. Mr. Thanigachalam, Village Administrative Officer was invited as chief guest for the programme. The chief guest delivered a valuable speech on the theme: Electoral Literacy for stronger Democracy. In his speech, he emphasized the value of vote, importance of participation of young citizens in the voting process in a democracy etc. and the last; he gave a valuable response to the questions that were put forward by the active listeners

Cleaning Activity on 07.03.2020

NSS volunteers of first year B.Sc (Agri) students actively participated in cleaning of college premises. The students divided into different groups and cleaned the inside the college campus, shuttle court and the wastes are collected and segregated waste materials like plastic items, litters, stones and biodegradable materials. Finally, the waste material is disposed into the dumping sites.

NSS student’s volunteers involved in cleaning the Shuttle court and college campus