Rector’s Message

Dear members of the management, Staff, Students and Parents,

Warm greetings to you all.

I’m glad to pen these few lines as a message for you all, in this College folder. Many of you may be new to knowing ‘Don Bosco Institution’ as such. ‘Don Bosco’ an Italian Saint in the Catholic Church, a ‘sadhu’ one might call in Indian terms, lived from 1815 to 1888. As he lacked the care of a father (since he lost his dad at the age of two), he knew what it meant to grow up orphaned and he made it a point to be a Father to the orphans, the poor youth, and the poor working class of his place in Turin, Italy. As the number of such youth swelled, he, with the guidance of some elders, who knew him well, founded a ‘Society’ to care for such target group, which has spread far and wide into a large Society, covering 126 countries across the globe, the third largest ‘Society’ in the Catholic Church today.

As members of this great Society and as his sons, we the members emulate him and are glad to reach out to the Youth of Tamilnadu and the neighboring states of Andhra and Kerala, through our three institutions here at Sagayathottam. Our institutions are, ‘Don Bosco College of Agriculture’, ‘Sagayathottam Institute of Agriculture and Development’, ‘Don Bosco Higher Secondary School’. The common thread in all these institutions is the target group which is ‘Young Boys & Girls’.

In all these institutions the central focus is the ‘Youth’ and all activities and programs are geared around them. In educating and culturing our ‘Youth’, we take with us, all the members of the management, the Government departments, the Teaching Faculty, the non-teaching faculty, the service providers, the neighboring Farmers’ Clubs, the parents of our students etc. As a concerted effort we plan our activities for the full and all-round growth of our ‘Youth’ in the campus. We are particular to enhance their growth spiritually, intellectually, emotionally, culturally, and socially.

Finally dear students and parents, take home this message that Don Bosco often used to say to his boys. “It is for you that I work, study, travel and do all that I do”. With similar sentiments all of us in the management and staff can say that our desire too is that of Don Bosco, to serve you well, keeping in mind all your needs and the welfare of your future. Hence own this institution as your home, return back to visit this home, your ‘alma mater’, be proud to be member of this great institution, bring honor to the institution, now and later, through your achievements and success stories. I wish all the new students who will be joining us this year a great learning and memorable life of four years. Dear parents you are our benefactors and stakeholders as you journey with us in forming your sons / daughters. We wish you a great time of partnership in this endeavor and do trust that all that we mean for your wards is for their well being.

Ralph W. Emerson writes;

“Sow a thought and you reap an action;
Sow an act and you reap a habit;
Sow a habit and you reap a character;
Sow a character and you reap a destiny.”
As we are in the agricultural College let us learn to sow good character, first by building one, and thus mould our destiny and that of our country. I look forward to a great year ahead full of happy stories of achievements, learning, growth and collaboration among us all. Wish you all good health, and wish you to stay blessed.